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Proofreading, Editing, Formatting

No two jobs are the same, so each job is assessed and priced according to editorial requirements. However, as a rough guide, in the column on the right are some examples of how fees are calculated.

Proofing and editing is not offered as a standalone service. We only provide this service in addition to our printing and binding to authors who are publishing with us.

Option 1

£9.50 per 1,000 words.

Option 2

Proofread and light edit.
£12 per 1,000 words.

Option 3

Proofread and copyedit
£16 per 1,000 words.

Formatting cost to be calculated @ £48 per hour

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Graphic design and cover artwork

Never underestimate the importance of a book’s cover, it has been proven that cover design does influence sales. We will assign a graphic designer to work with you to produce the cover your book deserves.

Please note: The times allocated for design are generally sufficient. Time sheets are kept, instructions and phone calls noted. Anything over the allocated times allowed will be charged @ £75 per hour.

Option 1Option 2
You supply: images, wording and rough design concept, we will edit, format and prepare for printing.Creative individual concept. We will source all photos/images, and design your cover for you from your brief.
£100 – 2 hours£200 – 4 hours


If you intend selling your book through major retailers, you will need an ISBN number and corresponding barcode. As the publisher it is your responsibility to register with Nielsen (The ISBN Agency for UK & Ireland), and you will receive a block of 10 book codes.

Each book you publish will be assigned the next unique 13-digit code from this list. We use this code to generate and test the barcode image and add it to your cover artwork.

Option 1Option 2
Register as a publisher with Nielsen and buy a block of 10 ISBNs. We will register your book and apply one of our ISBNs, with Lettertec Publishing registered as the publisher, and generate the barcode.
£89 for one ISBN or
£149 for 10 ISBNs
£48 – per single ISBN
£64 – for two (hardback and paperback)

The price also includes the Legal Deposit Requirement. We will send your books to the Legal Deposit Libraries for Ireland and the UK. This will ensure that your copyright is protected and that your book will be in the libraries’ archives.
Note: A separate ISBN is required for each edition – paperback, hardback and eBook.

Digital Book Printing and Binding Costs

The prices below are for our printing and binding service only up to ‘C’ size books on Munken White or Munken Cream, if you already have your final approved PDF and cover artwork, this is what it will cost to print and Ota-bind your book:

Standard A format paperback books are 110mm x 178mm, B Format paperbacks are 130mm x 198mm and C are 135mm x 216mm. A5 is 148mm x 210mm
Copies60 Pages80 Pages100 Pages120 Pages140 Pages160 Pages180 Pages200 Pages240 Pages
Please note the above pricing table is for printing and binding only, and does not include an initial set up charge of €70. An Additional charge of €65 applies to matt/gloss lamination on soft cover books. The above prices exclude shipping/courier costs. Please contact us for prices on any additional design services that may be required.

Hard Cover Pricing

Due to the recent purchase of high volume production equipment, pricing has been significantly lowered, and consequently made hard case binding a viable option for everyone. Please contact us directly for a quotation on hard cover case bound books.

As a general guideline however, for quantities up to 200 books, please add approximately €3.00 per book to the soft cover pricing above. For quantities from 300 to 500 add £2.50 and quantities above 500 add £2.

Please remember that while your cost of ordering hardbacks is higher than that of paperbacks, hard cover case bound books do command a much higher retail market price, which facilitates considerably more profit for you, the author.